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  • Jon

    The BarBQ is great but the HOT DOGS ROCK!

  • Melinda

    There’s BBQ from all areas of the US and abroad, but nothing – and I mean NOTHING – compares to Short Sugars! There’s a good reason they have been a fixture in Reidsville for well over 50 years — because they are THE BEST!

  • Evan

    Man, this is making me hungry.

  • The other Wilson’s

    Missing the B-B-Q in Wisconsin. They don’t make it like NC around here.

  • H.M.Graham

    I grew up in Reidsville and grew up on Short Sugar’s B-B-Q…chopped sandwich, an order of hush puppies and a sweet tea! It simply doesn’t get any better. Though I don’t live in North Carolina anymore…Short Sugar’s will always be on my list of destinations when I cross the State Line…see you soon!

  • Hi Papa Dave, I did this on Lea Lea’s Computer. I miss the Bar-B-Q.

  • Paul Simpson

    I grew up in Greensboro, but we traveled many times to Short Sugar’s to eat their fantastic BBQ. I foundly remember eating in our car ( a big thrill for a kid back then) with our pastor who went with my family, Rev. H.P. Gauldin.


    I grew up in Reidsville and on Short Sugars, wish California had real NC Pulled Pork Sandwiches! I sure do miss Short Sugars!

  • Jessi

    My hubby joined the Army a few years back. So as you can imagine we don’t get to stop in more. But every time I come home I have to go to Short Sugars. There is nothing like the BBQ, hush puppies and Sweet Tea in Washington State. =(

  • Kenny G

    The Other Wilson’s are right- there is no NC Chop BBQ in Wisconsin. Mall-quality, plastic BBQ with no soul is the best we’ve got. And Milwaukee is a great food town. I think we need a Short Sugars here.

  • Mac Mc

    I grew up in Jacksonvilee, NC and Reidsville NC. My folks are from Reidsville and they grew up on Short’s BBQ which is right up there with a coarse, chopped brown tray from the Monks in Lexington. I’ve enjoyed BBQ from Texas, to SC, to Smithfield, to those little back country shacks that you rarely see anymore, but I’ve never had anything better than Short’s. Short Sugar Overby would be proud and NEVER stop making the teenage burger. Your curb service is the best. I still stop in and buy sauce, but don’t get there as often as I would like to. Go Ram’s and go Short’s

  • Richard Hundley

    I use to shine shoes in my Dad’s barber, Climax Barber shop and Johnny was running Short Sugar’s there, when it was still down town. Use to get 2 hotdogs a Pepsi and a piece of pie for $.35. for lunch. Every time I return to Reidsville Short Sugar’s is the first place I go. I live in Texas now, but they can not beat the old NC Bar-B=Que. And the best slaw ever made.

    Rick Hundley

  • Ray Lee Johnson

    I live in San Francisoc now,but I grew up in Reidsville. As a kid being in town on Saturdays was a treat. It was time to got to the Saturday Matinee movies with my dad and then a trip to Short Sugar’s, which had two locations. that was 50 years ago. Nice to hear that they are still in business.The food was delicious and the southern charm and humor were grand. I miss those days.

  • I LUV Short Sugar’s BBQ! Although I’ve never been to the one in NC, I have been to the one in Danville, VA. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!



  • Read about Short Sugar in a book by Bob Gardner called ” North Carolina Barbecue” and had the pleasure of going to Short Sugar’s #2 in Reidville while on vacation. The people were friendly & informative, service was fast, food was hot and the QUE was out of this world. I would recommend it for everyone to try. I even got some sauce to take home. Can’t wait to come back.

    Lancaster, PA

  • J.

    I was first acquainted to this style of BBQ after moving to Danville, VA from Texas in 1985 and LOVED it!

    I won’t make a comparison between beef and pork. I love all BBQ, not just NC styles, not just pork. That said, I still have to say that of the pork variations, Short Sugars is my absolute favorite!

    After only a couple of years, I moved to Greensboro and was so disappointed that I could not find an equal BBQ. Luckily, Reidsville is only a little ways down the road, otherwise life for me would have been incomplete and tragic.

    Thanks so much for such great product!

  • Tommy Dudley

    I was born and raised in Reidsville and I’m returning this weekend (08/19/09) for my 45th high school reunion (class of ’64). My first stop, directly from the airport, will be Short’s. I grew up on cheese dogs with slaw, hot dogs with slaw, and sliced Bar-B-Q (cronologically as my income improved). I think I may order one of each when I arrive!

  • My daddy grew up in Reidsville. When my brother and I were kids and we would go with him home to vist Granny and everyone Daddy would always take us to Short Sugars! Oh the memories! Oh the food! Short Sugars is the ONLY barbeque I will eat! I live in Virginia and whenever my uncle comes into town we always make sure he brings us some! I’m even more excited because this year I get to introduce my hubby to the best barbeque in the WORLD <3.

    Meredith Underwood

  • Brian Chapmon

    I grew up in Reidsville and the #1 thing I miss (besides my family) is Short Sugars BBQ.

  • I was born in Reidsville, with both my parent’s families (Saunders & Fitzgerald) having been a staple in Reidsville and surrounding area for decades! Whenever I go back to visit…I do NOT leave without going to Short Sugar’s at LEAST once!
    I brag about how not only NC BBQ, but specifically Short Sugars is, all the time!

  • Since 1970 when I started dating my sweetie pie from Spray, NC – I have enjoyed Short Sugar’s Barbecue. I now live in Baltimore (FYI: Baltimore is south of the Mason-Dixon Line!)

    I make it a point to visit Short Sugars whenever I am in the Reidsville area. Compared to Bullock’s, Stamey’s, or Parker’s; Short Sugar’s barbecue is head & shoulders above the rest!
    I still love Short Sugars & I’m still love that little girl from Eden. Please pass the Texas Pete & make that a large tea…

    Drew Paren, Baltimore, MD

  • Matt Huskey

    The bbq is very great i have been eating a short sugars every other weekend for 10 years. I love the atmosphere in there.

  • Jason Warf

    I enjoyed the BBQ, until I saw how it was prepared and covered in flies in the back of the kitchen…

    Jason, as everybody knows, the bbq is cooked right in front of all the customers sitting at the counter. There’s an open flame up under that pork, so I doubt any flies were getting on it there.

    From the flame it goes straight to the choppers, again in plain sight of anybody who cares to look. With all the noise it makes, it’s hard not to watch! Flies don’t usually want to hang around where there’s a fast moving human hand, so I doubt you saw any flies there either.

    Once the chopping is done, the meat goes one of three places immediately. It’s either part of an order going outside, part of an order going to the dining room, or it’s minced and placed on the serving counter under a lid, right in front of the customers seated at the counter. I promise you, there are no flies under that lid.

    I guess what I’m saying is, since our bar-b-q never hangs out in the back kitchen, I don’t how you could have seen any flies on it.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the bar-b-q, and I’m sorry your experience didn’t meet your expectations. Our goal is to treat everyone like family here, and when you walk out the door we want you to feel satisfied. Not just with the food, but also with us.

    ~David Wilson

  • mike showalter

    hi, me and some friends (old dominion cruiser club 08) rode down sat 10 23 10 from waynesboro va. it was well worth the trip your chopped pork plate was excllent ,i liked it so much i baught a bottle of sauce to bring home, the service was great and eveyone was so friendly, i will be back again , thanx for a great meal and a great time

  • lilcaptain

    I lived in Reidsville for a few years and always enjoyed the pleasure of the BBQ. It has been sometime and a friend brought some back to me…fell in love again with the flavor!!! I hope that my friends in that area come to see me so I can tell them to bring me some…I LOVE IT!!

  • joe

    I go to short sugars in reidsville all the time. Its amazing. The sauce and the way they smoke the bbq is what makes it unique. The one in Danville is not as good in my opinion.

  • Keith Gunn

    I’m originally from Reidsville, but lived in the Tampa Bay Florida area for nine years. I gotta tell ya, when I came back here to visit every year, the first place I headed for was Short Sugar’s. You just couldn’t find anything close to it down there, and the craving for your barbeque would become almost unbearable. Don’t change a thing we love it just the way it is.

  • Markham L. Cross

    I was born right there in Reidsville at Annie Penn Memorial. Join the Navy in 74 and been in Jacksonville, FL. ever since. When I was a child in the early 60’s my grandparents the Saunders and Cross families would drive from Mayfield to the A&P store in Reidsville, we always stopped at Short Sugars. I remember hot dogs 3 for a buck all the way, best in the world. The chopped barbeque with coleslaw and was the best I ever had. All my children grew up here in Florida and every time we visited home that was the first place mentioned, they’re hooked. Been all over and there is not a better hot dog or barbeque on the planet.
    N.C. is not only first in flight, also first in a bite of barbeque, that’s right, this place it’s clear out of site, just like the colonel except it’s the pig they do right.

  • Beth E

    So I haven’t been to Danville in years, but I used to do a lot of work there in the late 1990s, and ate at Short Sugar’s each trip. I about fell out of my chair with grief when someone mentioned to me today that Short Sugars had closed! Love love love it!

    Hi Beth! Thanks for stopping by and dropping us a note. We just want you to know that Short Sugar’s Drive-In is alive and well in Reidsville, NC! Come on by and get that chopped bar-b-q you’ve been craving!

  • Pat Walker

    Hi, Glad you guys are still around. My family would stop at the Reidsville store on the way to Lynchburg, VA when i was a kid, 40 years or so ago. Even after the bypass was put in we would drive Old 29 to go eat lunch at Short Sugars. We would deliberately plan our trip to eat there at the counter not the booths.
    Thanks for memories. Really need to make a pilgrimage to Reidsville.

  • Mary Lou McC.

    My boy-friend (now husband-past away) used to eat at Short Sugar’s curb service. Later in life, we would go inside to eat at a booth. I remember it so well. This was over 55 years ago. I always had BBQ, slaw and hush puppies. It was the best I ever had. I have not been there in about 45 years. I am planning to come back this Saturday (09-24-2011) and am excited to eat at Short Sugar’s again. I think this will bring back some great memories of my husband and myself. And I am bringing my grandson, who has never had Short Sugar’s BBQ. See Ya Soon!

  • jimmy burr

    i left n.c. 27yrs ago return every year first stop short sugars home town belews creek keep the good bbg comlng see ya there

  • richard f. rankin,usn,ret.

    in 1958 my cousin and i would drive from leaksville to short sugars for hot dogs and bbq,2 years later i enlisted in the navy and left from the bus station in reidsville, to fly out of charlotte, to san deigo. im retired from the navy now but every time i had achance to come home, i would always come to short sugars, i love their hot dogs, they take me back to 1958 enyoy.

  • Tia B.

    While my daughter and I awaited open house for Averette University, we decided to find something to eat. I am from NC and I know good BBQ! I was so glad we chose to eat here. I got the BBQ and Chicken – Awazing! The hushpuppies were fantastic as well. The service was fast and pleasant. Thank you for making our lunch stop a terrific one. God Bless!

  • Art Frazier

    I grew up in Reidsville and fondly remember many hours spent at Short Sugars. The BBQ has always been great and when my wife and I come home to visit family, we always take some back home to Rutherfordton.

  • Mike L

    If there is not a Short Sugars in Heaven I don’t want to go!

  • We return to Riedsville periodically for class reunions. We look forward to seeing old friends and to visiting Short Sugars, which makes the reunion complete. We love the BBQ and keep a supply of the sauce in our home. The very best!

  • james

    i love Short Sugars BBQ! Its the best i’v had ..But its not like it was 15 years ago the price is alot higher and you don’t get as much and no sauce less you buy it …. make it like the BBQ we all loved … we keep the sauce in our home.
    And use it on everything we love it !!!!!!! thanks !!!

    Thank you for your continued support! Over the past 15 years prices of everything have gone sky high – we do what we can to keep our prices as low as possible but there is only so much we can do in this area. We don’t charge extra for sauce on a BBQ, though! If there’s not enough sauce on it for your taste, just ask for a little more! And thanks again for your review!

  • james

    james again… if u eat in you get all the sauce you want .. curb service is where i’v not got any sauce on my bbq …. just sayin !! great food anyway !!!

  • Conner

    I have been eating short sugars for over 25 years and have sampled many other BBQ places threw the years nothing compares you guys are awesome

  • Theresa

    My sister and I came across your restaurant in Reidsville last week. We’d been to the Danville one but, having heard that is was closed, thought that was it for Short Sugars! Totally forgot about the Reidsville restaurant! What a treat! Great BBQ. Next time I’ll try the hotdog! Awesome sweet tea! We’ll be back. It’s worth the trip. Also, saw the movie “Meeting David Wilson.” It’s terrific!

  • Mike Williams

    Thanks for preparing great BBQ and my wife loves your hot dogs. I live in Georgia now but was a residence of Reidsville from 1971 to 1976. Your BBQ has remained fantastic and every time my family and I come to Reidsville we visit your store. Last weekend I purchased two pounds of BBQ and brought it back home to GA. I shared it with my friends who thought Georgia BBQ was the best. They are now believers in Short Sugars and your BBQ. Thank you for your quality product. I’m coming back in December for more!

  • Mike

    I went to college in High Point a few years ago and made friends with a resident of Reidsville. Every weekend we would go back there and eat at least once at Short Sugars. Being from Massachusetts this place was a change of pace for me, but let me tell you the food was the best bbq ive ever had. If there is someway to box it up and send it up to me i would order like 15 plates just to freeze so i can have a little piece of my home away from home. You dont see many good old school diners like this up around my neck of the woods so its great to see that business is still booming for you guys! Keep up the awesome job and I know ill find my way back there again.

  • libby

    I grew up taking family trips to Danville, VA and going to Short Sugar’s EVERY trip. Living in Alabama now and having NO PLACE like Short Sugar’s to introduce my kids to proper BBQ, I hate that there aren’t more Short Sugar’s chains available across the south.
    I wish I could get my hands on Short Sugar’s sauce to cook with at home and REAL BBQ SLAW so they could enjoy REAL BBQ and REAL SLAW DOGS like I did so many times as a kid.

  • Alison

    Recently I saw the wonderful, personal and poignant film, “Meeting David Wilson”. You both seemed so spirited and such soul mates. Anyway, since that was filmed in 2008 (its 2014 as I write this) I have wondered what has happened with both of you. I am curious to know what David A is doing now as career, etc. Would you mind sharing? Thanks for being open to doing that film and suspect is was a life changer for you and others. Meantime, I sure wish Short Sugars was nearby here in Portland, OR! May have to make a trip to your neck of the woods. Thank you again.

  • Adam Chambers

    Simply perfect. When I get the opportunity to be in Reidsville, NC visiting family Short Sugars is a must have and most of the time it’s a must have multiple times while I am there. Being stationed in California makes it hard to find good BBQ, esp when everyone here thinks BBQ is grilling burgers and hotdogs (be sure to know that I educate them any chance I get on that matter). If I could have some Short Sugars BBQ right now (and just about everyday) with an order of hushpuppies and a glass of Cheerwine, it would be the best thing ever, but alas I must wait until I get to come home on leave again.

    Thanks for the great food, and making me a BBQ snob.

  • Was there recently-pretty good food. One question-why were there no African-Americans wirking out front?

  • Mary Makin

    May I please get a response? I saw an African-American working in the kitchen, so why not out front? Please respond, or do you just don’t care? Maybe if I were white you would consider my feelings!!!

    • Short Sugars

      Hi Mary,

      We do not discriminate in our hiring practices, and we do not discriminate in our responses to posts here in the “What Folks Say” section of our website. Normally, when folks want to ask us a serious question they send us a message via our Contact Form.

      We ignored your first post here because it appeared to be race-baiting, a trolling comment to start a ‘race’ war with us. We don’t do that at Short Sugars. As stated above, we don’t discriminate and we don’t participate in race-baiting. We have very little respect for those who do.

      Why we hire who we hire is determined by our needs. When we need kitchen staff, we hire the best available person looking for a kitchen job. When we need wait staff, we do the same. We can only choose from those applications we have on file and we do not look at race. We always choose the best candidate for the job opening, regardless of superficial things like race.

  • Debbie Murray

    I was raised in Reidsville and have been away for 36 years. I am only 4 hours or so away, but my mom knows when I come to visit, Short Sugar’s has to be on the list of places to eat at least one time either by going to the restaurant or she will buy some for the house if we are coming in late. She always brings some from your buy one get one when she comes to visit…the minced BBQ, brunswick stew, and pepsi or sweet tea is all I ever want. You should build one here in the Hampton Roads area! You are truly the very best!!! Thanks!

  • CF Vanada

    I drove from York Pennsylvania to Reidsville to do some genealogical research. I had never been to North Carolina before. Short Sugar’s was my first meal stop in Reidsville and I was hooked. The BBQ was tremendous and the service and hospitality was second to none. I will be back! You are the best…Thank You!

  • Londa Hamms

    Passing through. Food was good, but why all the wrapped food! Please think of our environment and use real plates. They also look nicer!!

  • Liz Hanks

    I am trying to enter the holiday giveaway but can’t find the correct website. Can you help?

    • Short Sugars

      Hi Liz,
      There are 3 Ways to register:
      1. In person Short Sugars 1328 South Scales Street in Reidsville.
      2. In person at the News & Record office 1921 Vance Street in Reidsville
      3. Online at this website:

      The winner will be announced on December 14 and must pick up their prize by December 22.

  • Linda P.

    I live in Utah now, but raised in Eden NC. I sure miss the hushpuppies and chopped sandwiches at Short Sugars. No one makes BBQ like NC!
    Do you sell and/or ship your red & white coffee mugs? I’d love to have a set.
    Thanks in advance. -Linda P.

    • We certainly do! You can use the contact form on this site to talk to John David Wilson, who will be happy to help you out!

      • Linda P.

        Thanks a million!

  • Short Sugar’s

    Today we have gone live with the new website! We hope you love it, and we’d really appreciate any feedback you care to leave! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Ty Knight

    The website looks amazing! Great work!!

    • Short Sugar’s

      Thank you! We’ve worked really hard on it!

  • Peter Corbin

    We were in Reidsville for a job past two days. could not find a place open for 6 am breakfast and found Short Sugar. Breakfast was great and i noticed the BBQ awards ( 8 years running) so we had to come back for lunch and try it.. Hands down one of the best BBQ’s we have ever had. our waitress was the same for both breakfast and lunch and she was great. When we come back next week we know where we are eating.

    • Short Sugar’s

      Thanks for the great words! Always glad to meet new folks and make new friends!