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We were privileged to cater an event at the Caswell County Seniors Center in Yanceyville, NC on December 10th. The event was held for the Gadabouts, a membership club sponsored by the Senior Center.

The club is open to all seniors age 55 and up, for an annual fee of $10. Seniors Center 1Each month, the members travel on day trips to various destinations across the state. There are usually one or two trips out of the state each year.

Members also receive a monthly newsletter keeping them up-to-date on Gadabout plans and other information about the Senior Center.

Senior Center

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More than one hundred folks filled the event, and by all accounts everyone had a great time. Conversations ranged from the weather (of course) to politics, sports, and travel plans, as well as other small talk you’ll hear whenever you find yourself among good friends with a common bond.

We enjoy being a part of something so fun… if any of you Gadabouts are reading this, thanks for letting us be a part of it all! And thanks to the excellent folks at the Caswell County Senior Center, and especially to Jeannine Everidge, the Executive Director. It was a pure pleasure to serve you all.

The Caswell County Seniors Center is a one stop department for individuals 55 and over, offering health and fitness programs, arts and crafts, and other educational events. There is someone on staff trained to help with their insurance and prescriptions. The center also provides lunches to residents 60 and older who are a part of the Congregate Nutrition program. The center is the hub of the Meals on Wheels program as well. Click the links below for more information.

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