Our 1st Blog Post


The first time I remember going to Short Sugar’s, it must have been around 1963. My grandma, Mama Lacie, pulled the green Rambler wagon up on the right and tapped the horn. She placed her order and we sat a few minutes while our order was put together. I asked why we didn’t go in. “That’s where the men sit, honey”.

the dog

It was a really good hot dog.

Another time, just a couple of years later, Grandaddy took me with him to check on some parts for our Cub tractor. On the way home, he pulled into Short Sugar’s and took me inside.

There were about 10 stools there and we took two of the empty ones. Grandaddy leaned down and told me to be quiet and pay attention and I could have a hot dog.

I paid attention. I was quiet. It was a really good hot dog.

Fast forward a couple of decades and there I was, coming home on leave. Short Sugar’s was the first place I’d stop. “Chopped barbecue and a hot dog, please.” OK, good. Now I could head on home.

Another hunk of years pass and I’m just starting to work on my own, fixing computers for folks in Reidsville. My first customer was Short Sugar’s. A couple of years later, the original Short Sugar’s website was my first website design. Eight years have passed since then and I am happy to be updating and upgrading their website to what you see here, now.

Short Sugar’s Drive-In has been a special part of my life. Over the years I’ve grown to love the folks there, and I am fortunate to call them my friends. I can honestly say that they truly care about our community, our state and nation, and the world at large.

I feel privileged to be the first guy to publish in their blog. I’ll be posting more as time goes by and if you have any suggestions about what you’d like to see here, all you gotta do is click this link and tell me!

I hope you enjoy the site!